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Aircraft Tires and Struts

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Pressure & Vacuum Gauges
Differential Pressure
Battery Powered
Intrinsically Safe
Low Voltage Powered
Vacuum System
Food Processing

2-Wire Loop Xmtrs
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ThermoPro Temperature

DPG2000B FM Approved
DPG2000B Intrinsically Safe
Battery Powered Gauges

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Cecomp Test Plus Gauge new!
Cecomp Test Plus Pressure Gauges

0.1% Accuracy and Ultra Ruggedized!
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Differential Pressure Gauges
S2000 Mechanical
C1000 Digital
C2000 Digital + Indicator
C4000 Digital Program+Alarms

Battery Powered
CTP1B Test Gauge 1 Button
CTP3B Test Gauge 3 Button
ARM760 Absolute Vacuum
DPG1000B/F4B Best Seller!
F16B Digi Max Min/Max
F20B Digi Max+ Memory
F22B Digi Max+ Min/Max

Instrinsically Safe
DPG2000B Battery Powered
DPG2000B D4 4 Digit
DPG2000B D4 Mx Memory

Low Voltage Powered
ARM760 Absolute Gauge
F16AD DigiMax Min/Max

DPG1000L/F4L Loop Powered
F16L Loop Powered Prog.
F16LSC Super Cap. Loop Powered Prog.
DPG1000DR/F4DR 4 Wire
F16DR 4 Wire Prog.

Alarms, Transmitter/Alarms

ThermoPro Temperature
T16B Battery Powered
T16L Loop Powered Xmitter
T16ADA Temperature Alarm

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DPG1000ADA Alarm
DPG1000DAR Xmitr/Alarm
F16ADAH Pressure Alarm
F18B Pressure Gauge

absolute vacuum gauge for food processing

Cecomp FP series
Absolute Vacuum Gauges
for Food Processing
SaniGauge Sanitary Pressure Gauges
Sani Gauge® Sanitary Pressure Gauges,
Alarms, Transmitters

Replace mechanical gauges!
NEW 4-20 mA Pressure Transmitter
with Super Capacitor Display Backup
Pressure Readings without Loop Power!
Mechanical differential pressure gauge Digital differential pressure gauge

Differential Gauges, Alarms, Transmitters
Low vacuum or pressure: inches of water

Cecomp Digital Pressure Gauges - Performance Under Pressure!

2 gauge case
waterproof Pelican gauge case

Cecomp Gauge Accessories
Our Mission: Absolute Process Instruments and the Cecomp Electronics Division are committed to designing, manufacturing, and selling quality
products that provide our customers with cost-effective solutions to their industrial process measurement challenges, while maintaining long-term
harmonious and mutually beneficial relationships with our customer, dealers, distributors, suppliers, employees, and shareholders.
Since 1988Absolute Process Instruments & Cecomp History