Cecomp Gauge Service and Calibration
Contact our Customer Service staff at 800-942-0315 to get an RMA#:

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Cecomp Service
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1220 American Way
Libertyville, IL 60048-3936
gauge calibration lab
See data sheets for calibration procedures
General Information
  • Please call Customer Service at 800-942-0315
  • Request a return materials authorization number (RMA#)
  • Let us know the reason the item is being returned
  • All products must be sent to us prepaid
  • You must remove all fittings, isolators, adapters
  • Please clean off any oils, residue, or other materials
  • Please pack items carefully to prevent damage in shipment
  • Please reference RMA# on your shipping labels and all correspondence
  • If desired, we can contact you with an estimate before proceeding
  • Allow 7-10 days for service plus shipping time
  • Rush service (1-2 business days) is available for an extra charge of $100
  • Rush service may not be available in all cases—Call First!
  • Return shipping charges will be added for evaluation, service and calibration
  • For warranty repairs, we pay return shipping
Please read if you use Gauge Isolators or Special Fittings
In order to meet factory specifications, we can not repair or calibrate gauges with isolators or fittings attached. Our equipment is set up for 1/4"NPT male connections only. If you prefer to calibrate with your fittings or an isolator attached, your local metrology lab or gauge distributor may be able to do the calibration. We will be happy to provide them with calibration procedures.
Gauge Calibration Procedures
Cecomp gauges may be calibrated by the Cecomp factory in Libertyville, IL. Your local metrology lab or your gauge distributor may also offer these services. A local calibration service is your best option when you need to calibrate it with your fittings or a gauge isolator attached.

Our product data sheets contain operating instructions and calibration procedures. Gauge calibration procedures for certian older products (pre-2008) can be downloaded here Cecomp Gauge 2008 Calibration Instructions. Contact us if you aneed assistance with calibration.

If the product is under warranty, we will repair the product or warranted parts thereof under the terms of our 1 year warranty, otherwise we will advise you of non-warranty repair costs.
Non-Warranty Repairs or Evaluation
Our non-warranty gauge service is generally divided into several levels. Please call us for pricing.
  • The minimum non-warranty evaluation/repair charge is $39
  • Return shipping charges will be added for non-warranty repairs or evaluation
  • Our non-warranty service is generally divided into several levels. Please call us for pricing.
    • Clean and recalibrate
    • Clean and recalibrate, cosmetic refurbishment and minor repairs
    • Clean and recalibrate, circuit and sensor board repair or replacement
    • Clean and recalibrate, cosmetic refurbishment and minor repairs, circuit and sensor board repair or replacement
    • Gauge services are also available with calibration documentation as described below
  • When the product is received
    • It is visually inspected for any noticeable damage
    • Bench tested, if possible
    • We will contact you with our findings
    • We may retest if needed, based on additional information you provide
    • If we cannot find a problem, we will contact you for payment of the $39 minimum charge plus return shipping
    • If repairs, calibration, or other work is necessary, we will contact you with costs prior to proceeding
    • If approved, we will perform the repairs, process your payment per your instructions, then return the product.
    • If you do not wish to have the product serviced, we will return the product as-is, process your payment of $39 plus return shipping, and return the product
  • If an item is beyond economical repair, we will contact you and offer the same or similar product at a discount.

still works!
Calibration Services
  • Let us know what type of calibration you require. Please contact Customer Service for calibration prices.
    • CD: Factory calibration with 5 point test data
    • NC: NIST traceable calibration with 5 point test data and NIST documentation
    • Special calibration requirements: request quote
  • Some gauges may require repairs before calibration is possible