Model Application pdf Application Description
All with Alarms Deadband What is deadband?
General Info RFI / EMI The effects of radio frequency interference (RFI) and electromagnetic interference (EMI)
All with Alarms Relay Protection & EMI Suppression Switching inductive loads
General Info Ohm's Law & Wire Resistance E = I x R
Model Application pdf Pressure
ARM760B Monitoring Vacuum Pumps Checking vacuum pumps for food vacuum packaging machines.
ARM760AD Monitoring Laboratory Vacuum System Replace mercury manometers in a laboratory fume hood.
DPG2000B Checking Aircraft Tire Pressure Durable and reliable gauges for testing commercial aircraft tire pressures.
DPG2000B Business Jet Turbine Engine Testing TFE731 turbofan engine transfer gearcase, fan gearcase, and accessory gearcase pressure/vacuum readings.
DPG2000B Tube Trailer Pressure Monitoring pressure on tube trailers for industrial gas supplier.
DPG2000B Monitoring vacuum in tanks Monitoring vacuum in chemical plant tanks to control solvent vapors.
DPG2000B Mining Equipment Tire Pressure Check tire pressure for off-road loaders, earthmovers and mining vehicles.
DPG1000B Aviation Pressure Tester Barfield pressure tester for testing aircraft sensors and for leakdown tests
DPG1000B Life Raft Leak Detection Cecomp pressure gauge for testing aircraft life rafts for leakdown
DPG1000B Vacuum Chamber Monitoring Cecomp vacuum gauge for monitoring vacuum chamber for aircraft composite production
DPG1000B Test Explosion Doors and Vents Pressure leakage test on explosion protection doors and vents.
DPG1000B Methane Well Pressure Monitor methane gas pressure in a production well
DPG1000B De-Ionized Water Pressure Monitor DI water pressure for medial tissue analyzer.
DPG1000B Soccer Ball Pressure Accurately fill and leak check soccer balls per FIFA guideleines
DPG1000B Pipeline Testing Monitor hydrostatic pressure for testing a new gas pipeline
DPG1000B Sausage Casing Testing Monitor elasticity and leak test sausage casings.
DPG1000B Vacuum Packaging Maching Monitor deep vacuum for high speed packaging machines.
DPG1000B Automotive Tire Pressure Check tire pressures on Ford Motor Company chassis dynamometer.
DPG1000B Adhesive Dispensing Monitor fluid pressure on automated dispensing system.
DPG1000B Gas Well Leak Testing Check pressures during gas well packer leakage test.
DPG1000B Absolute Gauge Calibration Calibration tips for gauges with absolute ranges
F4B Fire Extinguisher Testing Hydrostatic testing of fire extinguishers for certification
F4B Boiler Feed Pump Pressure Checking boiler feed pump pressures in a coal-fired power plant.
F4B Boiler Pressure Certifying boiler pressures in a coal-fired power plant.
F16B Refrigeration System Pressures Monitor food store refrigeration system pressures for energy management.
F16B Natural Gas Pressures Checking natural gas utility pipeline system pressures.
F16B Natural Gas Test Gauge Checking natural gas utility analog gauges.
F16B Diesel Engine Governors Test and calibrate diesel engine governors on locomotives.
F16B Engine Compression Tester Test engine compression at Ford Motor Company dynomometer test cell.
F20B Jet Engine Testing Checking turbine engine pressure ratio.
F4L Water Supply Pressure Pharmaceutical company purified water system pressure.
F16LN Water Supply Pressure Monitor drinking water pressure send readings to their PLC for both data logging and alarming.
F16L Autoclave Vacuum to PLC Polymer matrix composite autoclave vacuum line monitoring, control, and recording.
F16L Monitoring Biogas Diesel Engines Manifold vacuum on Diesel engines operating on methane gas.
DPG1000L Monitoring level of chemical in tank Public utility chloride tank level for groundwater treatment.
DPG1000L Vacuum on Suction Pumps Shallow water dredging suction pump vacuum for monitoring and PLC data logging.
DPG1000L Monitor Kiln Vacuum Monitor and record vacuum on a kiln to dry wood.
DPG1000DR Leak Check CO2 Regulators Check and record leak rate and accuracy of CO2 regulators for the soda dispensing industry.
DPG1000DR Valve and Regulator Pressure Tests Pressure test and calibrate the camping stove valves and send readings to PLC for data logging.
DPG1000DR PVC Pipe Burst Testing Pressure test PVC pipe and send readings to PLC for data logging.
F16ADA Natural Gas Pressure Portable pressure alarm for pressure regulator maintenance.
F16ADA Monitoring Pump Flow Monitoring chemical injection pumps for a water treatment facility.
F16ADA Tank water level Controlling level in municipal water tank.
F16ADA Workpiece Holdown Monitor vacuum on a CNC machine for workpiece clamping.
F16DAR Vacuum Pickups Monitor vacuum for printing press paper pickups.