Old Model Date Retired Products and Product Versions Replacement
F16B version until 12-12-11 Battery powered w. Min/Max, non-selectable units Latest version F16B
F16AD version until 12-12-11 Low voltage powered w. Min/Max, non-selectable units Latest version F16AD
F18B retired 12-11 Battery powered w. Min/Max and selectable units Latest version F16B
DPG1000ADA retired 12-11 Potentiometer adjustable dual alarms Latest version F16ADA
F16ADA version until 12-12-11 Programmable dual alarms Latest version F16ADA
F16ADAH retired 12-11 Programmable hysteresis dual alarms Latest version F16ADA
DPG1000DAR retired 12-11 Potentiometer adjustable dual alarms Latest version F16DAR
F16DAR version until 12-12-11 Programmable dual alarms, analog output Latest version F16DAR
ThermoPro F4LT retired end of 2008 Cecomp ThermoPro F4LT Temperature Transmitter ThermoPro F4LT
Old Model Date Products Versions Retired May 2001 Replacement
DPG1000B version until 05-01-01 Battery Powered Digital Pressure Gauge Latest version DPG1000B
DPG1000BBL version until 05-01-01 Battery Powered Digital Pressure Gauge with Backlit Display Latest version DPG1000BBL
DPG1000L version until 05-01-01 4-20mA Loop Powered Digital Indicating Transmitter Latest version DPG1000L
DPG1000AD version until 05-01-01 AC/DC Powered Digital Pressure Gauge Latest version DPG1000AD
DPG1000ADA version until 05-01-01 Dual Alarms Latest version F16ADA
DPG1000DR version until 05-01-01 Analog Output. Covers DPG1000AR Latest version DPG1000DR
DPG1000DAR version until 05-01-01 Alarms and Analog Output. Covers DPG1000AAR, DPS1000AAR, DPA1000DAR. Latest version F16DAR
Series Grainger Catalog Number
F22B 6DND7, 6DND8, 6DND9, 6DNE0, 6DNE1, 6DNE2, 6DNE3, 6DNE4, 6DNE5, 6DNE6, 6DNE7, 6DNE8, 6DNE9, 6DNF0, 6DNF1, 6DNF2, 6DNF3, 6DNF4, 6DNF5, 6DNF6, 6DNF7, 6DNF8, 6DNF9, 6DNG0, 6DNG1, 6DNG2, 6DNG3, 6DNG4, 6DNG5, 6DNG6, 6DNG7, 6DNG8, 6DNG9, 6DNH0, 6DNH1, 6DNH2, 6DNH3, 6DNH4, 6DNH5, 6DNH6, 6DNH7, 6DNH8, 6DNH9, 6DNJ0, 6DNJ1, 6DNJ2, 6DNJ3, 6DNJ4, 6DNJ5, 6DNJ6, 6DNJ7, 6DNJ8, 6DNJ9, 6DNK0, 6DNK1, 6DNK2, 6DNK3, 6DNK4, 6DNK5, 6DNK6, 6DNK7, 6DNK8, 6DNK9, 6DNL0, 6DNL1
DPG2000B 13J161, 13J162, 13J163, 13J164, 13J165, 13J166, 13J167, 13J168, 13J169, 13J170, 13J171, 13J172, 13J173, 13J174, 13J175, 13J176, 13J177, 13J178, 13J179, 13J180, 13J181, 13J182, 13J183, 13J184, 13J185, 13J186, 13J187, 13J188, 13J189, 13J190, 13J191, 13J192, 13J193, 13J194
DSG series 38YV81, 38YV82, 38YV83, 38YV84, 38YV85, 38YV86, 38YV87, 38YV88, 38YV89, 38YV90, 38YV91, 38YV92, 38YV93, 38YV94, 38YV95, 38YV96, 38YV97, 38YV98, 38YV99, 38YW01, 38YW02, 38YW03, 38YW04, 38YW05, 38YW06, 38YW07, 38YW08, 38YW09, 38YW10, 38YW11, 38YW12, 38YW13, 38YW14, 38YW15, 38YW16, 38YW17, 38YW18, 38YW19, 38YW20, 38YW21, 38YW22, 38YW23, 38YW24, 38YW25, 38YW26, 38YW27, 38YW28, 38YW29, 38YW30, 38YW31, 38YW32, 38YW33, 38YW34, 38YW35, 38YW36, 38YW37, 38YW38, 38YW39, 38YW40, 38YW41, 38YW42, 38YW43, 38YW44, 38YW45, 38YW46, 38YW47, 38YW48, 38YW49, 38YW50, 38YW51, 38YW52, 38YW53, 38YW54, 38YW55, 38YW56, 38YW57, 38YW58, 38YW59, 38YW60, 38YW61, 38YW62, 38YW63, 38YW64, 38YW65, 38YW66, 38YW67, 38YW68, 38YW69, 38YW70, 38YW71, 38YW72, 38YW73, 38YW74, 38YW75, 38YW76, 38YW77, 38YW78, 38YW79, 38YW80, 38YW81, 38YW82, 38YW83, 38YW84, 38YW85, 38YW86, 38YW87, 38YW88, 38YW89, 38YW90, 38YW91, 38YW92, 38YW93, 38YW94, 38YW95, 38YW96, 38YW97, 38YW98, 38YW99, 38YX01, 38YX02, 38YX03, 38YX04, 38YX05, 38YX06, 38YX07, 38YX08, 38YX09, 38YX10, 38YX11, 38YX12, 38YX13, 38YX14, 38YX15, 38YX16, 38YX17, 38YX18, 38YX19, 38YX20, 38YX21, 38YX22, 38YX23, 38YX24, 38YX25, 38YX26, 38YX27, 38YX28, 38YX29, 38YX30, 38YX31, 38YX32, 38YX33, 38YX34, 38YX35, 38YX36, 38YX37, 38YX38, 38YX39, 38YX40, 38YX41, 38YX42, 38YX43, 38YX44, 38YX45, 38YX46, 38YX47, 38YX48, 38YX49, 38YX50, 38YX51, 38YX52, 38YX53, 38YX54, 38YX55, 38YX56, 38YX57, 38YX58, 38YX59, 38YX60, 38YX61, 38YX62, 38YX63, 38YX64, 38YX65, 38YX66, 38YX67, 38YX68, 38YX69, 38YX70, 38YX71, 38YX72, 38YX73, 38YX74, 38YX75, 38YX76, 38YX77, 38YX78, 38YX79, 38YX80, 38YX81, 38YX82, 38YX83, 38YX84, 38YX85, 38YX86, 38YX87, 38YX88, 38YX89, 38YX90, 38YX91, 38YX92, 38YX93, 38YX94, 38YX95, 38YX96, 38YX97, 38YX98, 38YX99, 38YY01, 38YY02, 38YY03, 38YY04, 38YY05, 38YY06, 38YY07, 38YY08, 38YY09, 38YY10, 38YY11, 38YY12, 38YY13, 38YY14, 38YY15, 38YY16, 38YY17, 38YY18, 38YY19, 38YY20, 38YY21, 38YY22, 38YY23, 38YY24, 38YY25, 38YY26, 38YY27, 38YY28, 38YY29, 38YY30, 38YY31, 38YY32, 38YY33, 38YY34, 38YY35, 38YY36, 38YY37, 38YY38, 38YY39, 38YY40, 38YY41, 38YY42, 38YY43, 38YY44, 38YY45, 38YY46, 38YY47, 38YY48, 38YY49, 38YY50, 38YY51, 38YY52, 38YY53, 38YY54, 38YY55, 38YY56, 38YY57, 38YY58, 38YY59, 38YY60, 38YY61, 38YY62, 38YY63, 38YY64, 38YY65, 38YY66, 38YY67, 38YY68, 38YY69, 38YY70, 38YY71, 38YY72, 38YY73, 38YY74, 38YY75, 38YY76, 38YY77, 38YY78, 38YY79, 38YY80, 38YY81, 38YY82, 38YY83, 38YY84, 38YY85, 38YY86, 38YY87
S2000, C1000, C2000, C4100 series 48LV63, 48LV64, 48LV65, 48LV66, 48LV67, 48LV68, 48LV69, 48LV70, 48LV71, 48LV72, 48LV73, 48LV74, 48LV75, 48LV76, 48LV77, 48LV78, 48LV79, 48LV80, 48LV81, 48LV82, 48LV83, 48LV84, 48LV85, 48LV86, 48LV87, 48LV88, 48LV89, 48LV90, 48LV91, 48LV92, 48LV93, 48LV94, 48LV95, 48LV96, 48LV97, 48LV98, 48LV99, 48LW01, 48LW02, 48LW03, 48LW04, 48LW05, 48LW06, 48LW07, 48LW08, 48LW09, 48LW10, 48LW11, 48LW12, 48LW13, 48LW14, 48LW15, 48LW16, 48LW17, 48LW18, 48LW19