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Pressure & Vacuum Gauges
Differential Pressure
Battery Powered
Intrinsically Safe
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As a critical manufacturing business we continue to run our operations at normal levels and are doing our best to ensure the usual availability, quality and speed of service you have come to expect from us. Thank you for your continued confidence in API/Cecomp as your business partner!

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Gauge Tech Info
Cert. of Conformance

Differential Pressure Gauges
S2000 Mechanical
C1000 Digital
C2000 Digital + Indicator
C4000 Digital Program+Alarms

Battery Powered
CTP1B Test Gauge 1 Button
CTP3B Test Gauge 3 Button
ARM760 Absolute Vacuum
DPG1000B/F4B Best Seller!
F16B Digi Max Min/Max
F20B Digi Max+ Memory
F22B Digi Max+ Min/Max

Intrinsically Safe
DPG2000B Battery Powered
DPG2000B D4 4 Digit
DPG2000B D4 Mx Memory

Low Voltage Powered
ARM760 Absolute Gauge
F16AD DigiMax Min/Max

DPG1000L/F4L Loop Powered
F16L Loop Powered Prog.
F16LSC Super Cap. Loop Powered Prog.
DPG1000DR/F4DR 4 Wire
F16DR 4 Wire Prog.

Alarms, Transmitter/Alarms

ThermoPro Temperature
T16B Battery Powered
T16L Loop Powered Xmitter
T16ADA Temperature Alarm

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DPG1000ADA Alarm
DPG1000DAR Xmitr/Alarm
F16ADAH Pressure Alarm
F18B Pressure Gauge

DPG2000B FM Approved
DPG2000B Intrinsically Safe
Battery Powered Gauges

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Cecomp Test Plus Gauge new!
Cecomp Test Plus Pressure Gauges

0.1% Accuracy and Ultra Ruggedized!
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DPG1000B, F16B, F20B, F22B
Battery Powered Pressure and Vacuum Gauges
SaniGauge Sanitary Pressure Gauges
SaniGauge® Sanitary Pressure Gauges,
Alarms, Transmitters

Replace mechanical gauges!
NEW 4-20 mA Pressure Transmitter
with Super Capacitor Display Backup
and Selectable Units
Mechanical differential pressure gauge Digital differential pressure gauge

Differential Gauges, Alarms, Transmitters
Low vacuum or pressure: inches of water

Cecomp Digital Pressure Gauges - Performance Under Pressure!

TriScan 2+
TriScan kit

Cecomp TriScan
Our Mission: Absolute Process Instruments and the Cecomp Electronics Division are committed to designing, manufacturing, and selling quality products that provide our customers with cost-effective solutions to their industrial process measurement challenges, while maintaining long-term harmonious and mutually beneficial relationships with our customer, dealers, distributors, suppliers, employees, and shareholders.
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